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30 Seamles Ground Textures v1.0

Автор: kvantolam от 19-07-2015, 00:22

Категория: Textures. Текстуры 3D, Other. Остальные 3D

30 Seamles Ground Textures v1.0

30 Seamles Ground Textures v1.0
tga | Textures | 794 MB

I made those 30 Seamless trextures my self, so i know they arent out there any where.

They are in 2048 x 2048 NO compression this time, they are all in .tga format, hey was smaller size then i expected after .7z compression, only 800 mb.

If your unsure what texture you need/want, download the *.jpg fole like Ground 021.jpg and see if its some thing you like.

Every texture has a:
Difuse Map.
Hight Map (displacement)
Normal Map
Specilar Map
Amb Occ Map
As always
Happy texturing.

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